3 Key Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Programming

3 Key Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Programming

Computer programming is an enormously flexible tool that you can use to do amazing things that are otherwise either manual or look so much impossible. If you’re using a smartphone, a TV remote app or unlocking your car with the push of a button, then you must know that all these things are using some kind of programming. You’re already immersed in the programs of different types. In fact, software is running your life. What if you learn and start running these programs according to your will?

For example, you can write a program that can automatically respond to every new text message on your phone. To a message like “Hi” or “Hey,” the program can read through the message to detect some pre-defined keywords like “Hi” and “Hey,” and send an automatic response, which could be anything like, “Hi! What’s up?” without you needing to see that message. You can even program it for specific people in your contact list. It can be made as exciting as you can ever imagine it to be just like auto response chat on WhatsApp Business.

By learning how to program doesn’t mean that you have a responsibility of creating the next Facebook or the next Dropbox. No!
Rewind a little and see what made these big websites like Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube and others come into being. There was a need – someone suffered from the lack of something. And then, he dared to address that need because he could. He knew there was a way to solve that problem and make things easier for himself and probably others. You don’t have to learn computer programming to solve the problems of the world, but you can very well solve yours. Here are the reasons why you should learn to code today:

Coding develops structured and creative thinking

In the words of Steve Jobs, who once said, “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.”

When programmers are given a problem to solve, they don’t just start to code right away. Problems are not solved that way. When you see a problem, you need to break it down into workable pieces and then get on it. Do non-programmers ever approach to a problem like this? Rare! When you start learning to program, you develop the habit of working your way out in a very structured format. You gradually program your brain to break every problem down to bits and understand better. You start thinking logically, and this gives rise to more creative solutions you’ve ever given.

Programming makes things easier for you

A simple computer program is capable of turning things around as you desire. Something that works on pushing buttons can be programmed to do so on a tap on your smartphone or when you double clap. Yeah, you can switch on/off your electrical appliances using your smartphones.

Something that requires your input repeatedly, just like many school management systems where you have to fill your students’ First Name, Second Name, Email and other information, which has now been eradicated through the introduction of Edusystems.com.ng which help to save data for future usage. Yes, it’s possible. Something as simple as working on Excel Sheets can make you go crazy because of the manual labor it requires. And now we have a better programmed Edusystems.

Ever tried playing Chess on your smartphone. How is it that a lifeless being, I mean, your smartphone is smarter than you? It is programmed that way. It is programmed to make right moves on every move that you can possibly take while playing Chess. The same case exists with any smartphone game or desktop game. With programming skills, you can create your own tools and make your life simple.

Learning to program teaches you persistence

When you learn computer programming, you start seeing problems in the light of solutions. Your brain starts functioning like that. When you encounter a problem after learning to program, you start envisioning the possible ways to solve it. You may even foresee some good results out of it. However hard the problem might seem, you become determined to act on it anyhow. You transform yourself into a solution-driven individual.

Programmers have to think logically about a problem. Once you start learning how to code, you stop giving up on other difficult situations in your day-to-day life as well. You start trying over and over again. You become patient because you know there is always a solution. It just needs some more effort, just like it happens when you create a program, runs it, and debug it several times to reach the perfect solution.

Even with just basics of programming, you can imagine a lot of solutions and can work to solve any problems. Learn computer programming to feel the confidence of having this robust tool at your disposal. It’s amazing!

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